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Canvas Printing

Have an amazing photo that you cherish? Why not create a Canvas print and have the memory savored for a lifetime? We understand the value of these memories and our online Canvas Design Studio makes it easy for you to turn your memories to a canvas print that lasts a lifetime.

When it comes to good canvas printing, the devil is in the details. The difference is how well your colors are reproduced and which types of inks and canvas are used. The quality of finish and canvas frame are also important.

PickFrames brings in the expertise, material sourcing and craftsmanship in order to design, print and frame every canvas print to consistently high standards. We can also transform a standard canvas into a unique work of art with our framing options.

Hanging System Provide in Dubai
Hanging System Expert in Dubai
The Pickframes Advantage
Pickframes Advantage


The canvas prints are hand stretched to perfection

Framing Perfect in Dubai


We use high quality canvas and inks to make your creations last long without fading.

Wood Frame


High quality wood to prevent wood stretcher bars from bowing or bending over time

Customer Support

customer service

We meet any demand from our customers with the required speed through our shops and backend infrastructure.