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New trend in Interior designing - canvas and frames

Canvas photo Printing

Homes are a space which each of you loves. It is a place where you can be yourself. You all give good attention to every tiny detail when coming to arrange your homes.  Interior designing is becoming common nowadays as each of you is looking many ways to keep your home stylish. Human behavior is to strive to be always different or unique from others. Every one of us looks for new ways to be different. Homes are our famous space which we try to make it different from others.   Let's see, to the new trends in decorating the house.

Each of you is familiar with the new trend of displaying photographs in living rooms. Even hanging canvas in the living rooms or framed family pictures in the bedrooms. Pickframes provide you the best canvas prints in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Decorate your living room with canvas

Living space is a space where you and your family members gather. Similarly, it is a space where you gather up with your guests.  The wall of living space is a space where each one of you can show your taste. As for it, you all gave pretty much attention to the designing of living space of your homes. You have pictures of you and your family members. Make it as a canvas and place in the living space. Similarly, you can arrange your canvas in your walls in different patterns which are nowadays a new fashion. Hanging framed images is also a good option for decorating the living room.

Arrange framed photos in the wall space of stairs

The space of wall which starts from the first stairs to the last stairs. The blank space can be very boring. You can make it interesting by placing framed images. Frame any picture and place on the walls. Arranging canvas prints in the space is also good.  According to the color of the walls, you can select the pictures. And also, you can choose the frames which will suit both the picture and the walls. Pickframes provide you the best and unique frames for your photos.

Hanging family moments in bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space. You can make it more beautiful and unique by placing your family photographs. You can personalize your room. If you have any favorite image with you, make it as a canvas and place it in your bedroom. You can enjoy it every time you see it. The special moments of your life can be taken for making a canvas. Similarly,  you can take a lot of moments and frame it together as a collage and hang it on your wall. If a single picture can make you happy, think about what a group of a picture can give you.

Patterns for picture hanging

We discussed hanging canvas, framed pictures and even hanging collage in homes for interior designing. Well, how can make it more interesting? Yes, we can make it more interesting by placing images in different patterns. Take the living space wall. You can arrange the canvas prints or frame photos in patterns like tree mode, in different shapes such as love symbol and so on. 

There are different ways to make your home look glamour and stylish. But if that can be done through your life moments. It is quite an amazing idea, right? Well, Pickframes provides you best opportunity to do that. We are the best framing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.