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Picking a picture frame is something that often goes disdained, but it is an integral part of the art itself. It's neither string theory nor a one-frame-fits-all formula. There are lots of elements to consider when framing a picture because, in some cases framing can make or break the art. Let's look at a couple of artworks from the great masters like Guernica, by Pablo Picasso which never got framed but others such as Mona Lisa (which we talk about in this article by the way..!), by Da Vinci is celled in a scaffold. At this point, one must be wondering the "WHY?" question and to answer that query, it requires us to take a journey through the archives of "FRAME ANTIQUITY" that embellished some of the most masterful works in recorded history. Over the course of coming months, we hope to guide you on a quest, exploring some of the famous frames that hug the most illustrious works of art.


MONA LISA (By Leonardo da Vinci/ c. 1503–06, perhaps continuing until c. 1517/  Oil on Poplar panel)

Resting comfortably behind a climate controlled bullet proof glass Bastille, Madame Lisa Gherardini's smile has enchanted as us all, even though her odyssey through history was rough. The aesthetics of this (30"x21")In painting, is further augmented by the housing, crafted in 1909, by Martine-Marie-Pol De de'Behauge, which is a renaissance era work consistent with Mona Lisa's time. She has been found to have trimmed at least once to fit the frames, which got changed on multiple occasions. Mona Lisa's poplar support expand and contract with changes in humidity and hence has experienced ­ warping. In 1951, on da Vinci's 500th birthday Madame Lisa was gifted with flexible Oak Frame with Beech Cross pieces. Along with aesthetic upgrade, the wooden panels exerted pressure on the poplar panel and prevented further warping. But in 1970, the beech wood crosspieces were found to have been infested with insects and was replaced with Maple wood. A conservation team, in 2004-05 replaced the cross pieces again with sycamore ones with metal plate enhancements to measure the amount of warp. Since then, she has been untouched and left in peace, only to be disturbed for maintenance at Musee du Louvre, Paris


PORTRAIT OF BALDASSARE CASTIGLIONE (By Raphael/1514-1515/Oil on Canvas)

It was at the very young age of 37, that the Legendary artist Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino succumbed into the clutches of death, leaving a plethora of adroit dabs of melancholic chroma on canvas and walls. His short career along with his expert finesse made his artworks desirable among collectors, resulting in a tireless journey through hands, getting framed and reframed. The collectors of 16th -19th century wanted to reflect their personalities on their assortments and also bind the artwork as an amicable whole. As a result, the painting were fitted with elaborate and opulent frames.

Rafael met Castiglione on two occasions, once in his home town of Urbino and again in Rome. By that time, they became acquainted leading Raphael to undertake Castiglione's portrait, possibly to honor his appointment as an ambassador from the court of Urbino to Vatican. The frame is assumed to have built in specially in France for Lucas Van Uffelen, a banker and gunman who devoted a lot of his business to collecting art works. How and when the frame married the portrait still lies in ambiguity. The frame is also believed to have been purchased when in the crown's collection or on 1788-89; when it got transferred from panel to canvas before being presented to Louvre in 1791. The quality of the frame is apparent even to a layman. It has Cassetta Frame structure with matching borders of acanthus leaf tips on a hassled ground at the back and side shores. The central frieze has cross hatches, overlaid with high relief, sculpted and pierced garlands of flowering vine, that holds Sunflower, Roses and Cherry Blossom. Each flower holds a different meaning, subtly defining the person in the portrait. For example, the Rose is attributed to Virgin Mary/Christ's passion/Faith, Cherry Blossom is correlated with Eucharist/Resurrection/Sweetness of kind actions. As a result, these flowers are well suited for a noted writer, poet and diplomat/a faithful servant of the Prince and the Pope/Devoted husband of a young wife who expired ere long. 

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